From a challenge...

"Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven" and "Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid" wanted to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, we were chosen for the co-creation of a website, mobile app and management platform "Zeker Gezond". 

By taking advantage of the omnipresence of the smartphone, they wanted to support people both during and after doing groceries. In this way, behavioral change will be promoted more effectively. a solution...

The end-user was key during the entire development process. The main focus was to create a user-centric application that is easy-to-use and focuses on the actual user needs. Therefore we collaborated with imec.livinglabs for the validation of the app, with a sample of the Flemish population, during every stage of the project. 

...with impact.

A large set of more than 1000 healthy recipes is available in the application. Users can easily find recipes they like with the possibility to filter on specific preferences (e.g: specific allergies, food preferences,… ). Additionally, every recipe can be added to the user’s weekly menu. 

Based on the user’s behavior, an AI model is trained to create a taste profile per user. This taste profile allows us to suggest recipes tailored to each user his/her personal taste.

Zeker Gezond has over 41000 registered users, web and app combined, on their way to a healthier lifestyle! 

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