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How AI will disrupt software development

How AI will disrupt software development

AI is rapidly advancing and starting to have a significant impact on almost all industries. One thing is certain, it’s not a question of if or even when, but how AI will disrupt software development. Right now, we are already seeing different aspects within software development where AI will clearly have an impact.

In this insight, we share our view on how AI models, like ChatGPT, are disrupting the software development landscape, how these changes are expected to revolutionise the industry and how you as a customer can benefit.

Work smarter, not harder - AI as an assistant for developers

First of all, it is already possible, and very easy, for software developers to use a tool like ChatGPT for tasks such as:

  1. Creating unit tests to validate code functionality.
  2. Completing code and providing viable solutions.
  3. Generating code based on comments and requirements.
  4. Identifying and rectifying errors in code.
  5. Enforcing consistent coding styles and conventions.
  6. Crafting tailored technical assessments for candidates.
  7. Reasoning about code and offering clear explanations for better understanding.

The emergence of tools such as Copilot and Replit demonstrates the growing trend of AI-enhanced development environments, which effectively act as AI pair programmers. These tools integrate the coding capabilities of AI models like ChatGPT into user-friendly plugins for popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). As developers begin to adopt these innovative solutions, they can experience the benefits of AI assistance while working within their favourite IDEs. Which ultimately changes the landscape of software development.

While AI will automate certain aspects of software development, it is crucial to recognise that it will not completely replace developers. Instead, the focus of their work will shift to more strategic, creative and higher-value tasks. Developers will need to adapt and upgrade their skills to embrace these new technologies, and the role of the software developer will evolve to become more interdisciplinary and collaborative.

Software developers will need to focus on new tasks such as feeding business data into AI models. This responsibility requires developers to understand and manage data pipelines. Furthermore, our developers must ensure the quality, security and relevance of the data fed into AI systems.

A streamlined digital landscape

It is crucial to consider the future relevance of specific or dedicated applications for various use cases. As technology evolves and becomes increasingly interconnected, certain traditional applications such as commercial websites, customer support platforms, document management systems, … may become obsolete. The integration of advanced AI, such as ChatGPT, into multi-purpose platforms could lead to a more unified and streamlined digital landscape. In this scenario, users could access multiple services and resources through a single, intelligent interface, reducing the need for separate applications.

Recently, ChatGPT also launched ChatGPT plugins. Plugins are designed to help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run calculations or use third-party services. For example, you can use an OpenTable plugin to book a table in a restaurant or use the Kayak plugin to find the best flight. This clearly shows that ChatGPT (and others) affect the need for dedicated software applications. Rendering them obsolete in some cases as technology advances and becomes more interconnected.

How our AI adoption benefits you

Endare is actively looking into these types of AI solutions in order to further improve the quality and efficiency of our software development. We are convinced that by embracing these AI models, we can make a difference. Today, we are already able to:

  1. Reduce effort to test an idea: Rapid prototyping tools allow business users to move from sketch to web/app without the need to develop the imagined UX, enabling testing in a very short time and with very limited or even zero IT effort.
  2. Reduce time to market: AI smart assistants and tools for pair programming speed up the development phase. The developer has an AI-based buddy to assist in writing code, documenting code and fixing bugs, resulting in reduced development time and effort.
  3. Higher quality software: Thanks to AI-powered tools, it's possible to "test more and more thoroughly" because we can reduce the writing time of test cases, increase the coverage of use cases and self-generate input data.
  4. Improve documentation and support: The painstaking job of writing technical and/or end-user documentation can be drastically improved with AI-powered tools. Such tools can write documentation or update existing documentation, leading to better and even automated support in general.
AI Software Development

However, the benefits of AI aren't limited to software development projects alone. Just a few years ago, customers experienced significant advantages from digitalising their businesses. At the time, many industries were still in the early stages of digital transformation. Being a pioneer in digitalisation offered a distinct competitive edge.

Something similar is currently happening with the adoption of AI models. By embracing these AI-driven technologies, companies can reap significant benefits, including streamlined processes, enhanced decision-making and improved customer experiences. The integration of AI models into their operations can lead to greater efficiency. Which leads to lower costs and a competitive advantage in the market.

Embrace the AI revolution today

AI will disrupt the software development landscape in several ways. From automating repetitive tasks to improving code quality and security. These changes will undoubtedly revolutionise the industry, transform the role of software developers and create new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Endare is actively monitoring the evolution of ChatGPT and other AI models because of the transformative potential these technologies have on the industry. We strive to support our customers on this journey. We have already implemented certain AI solutions in our own software development process today. Thanks to this, we ensure that customers can take full advantage of the latest developments and maintain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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