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At Endare, we aspire to be your lifelong digital innovation partner. We deliver digital solutions that aren't only successful on a temporary basis, but prove their value for many years to come. We stand for fully local, no-nonsense innovation and help businesses to boost their efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness through a digital switchover. Not fearing future challenges, we’d love to partner up and create opportunities resulting in technically strong solutions. As we focus solely on delivering custom-made, high-quality products, we can say we have profound expertise within our technical area. 

Our dynamic team of enthusiastic technology lovers is in any event ready to tackle your business challenges… Are you?

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3 steps for guaranteed success.


Finding what you are looking for

Fine-tuning ideas and making the right choices. Filling the gaps and finding focus. Let’s brainstorm about what solution best fits your business needs and how we can innovate your processes. You already know? Let’s go in detail and deliberate on the specifics.


Designing, developing and testing the result

We’ll develop stunning and secure products tailored to your needs. From multiple prototypes to the result, your input and feedback are of most importance to create a suitable infrastructure, user experience, and design. That’s why you’ll be involved in every step along the way and be put in contact with the right person at all times.


Providing maintenance and support

Further support and maintenance of the product is an integral part of the solutions we create. We don’t leave you high and dry. As we believe in boosting your knowledge and independent problem-solving, technical training courses are part of our journey together.

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Endare goes adventurous!

Every quarter of the year, the Endare team comes together outside the (home) office walls for a special event. One of those gatherings is our two-day teambuilding. For this event, we go to The Ardennes or a neighbouring country to spend the night and do some team-building activities. This year,…

The ripple effect of COVID-19 on machine learning

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives severely in a social, economic and political way. It's hard to predict how the current crisis due to the pandemic will evolve during the coming months or years. Data-driven businesses that have machine learning models in place to gain additional intelligence for customer behavior or…

How we manage changing scope in a fixed price project

Most of the time, a client has a broad idea of what he or she actually wants. In order to transform that idea into a concrete digitised solution, we need to iterate through all aspects of the project. This is a hard task since many use cases may only become…

A day in the life of a front-end developer

Whether you’re interested in coding or you're deciding what kind of developer you want to be, you might have wondered how a workday of a front-end developer looks like. Every job has some air of mystery to it. I, for example, am always interested in what people do for a…

Angular vs React vs Vue: choosing the best framework for your use case

Front-end JavaScript frameworks allow us to build complex applications more quickly and efficiently. Angular, React and Vue are three popular front-end technologies that have been around for a while now and that are continuously evolving. But what are the differences between the three of them? How do you choose one…

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