From a challenge...

Eosol experienced high error rates due to mistakes in order intake, -processing, and manufacturing. They were looking for an ERP solution to automate the entire process flow, from order intake to delivery. All products produced by Eosol are tailor-made for their customers which makes it very difficult to run their business on a standard ERP software. Optimizing the entire process flow was the challenge they faced. a solution...

Our team developed an online order platform and an ERP system, using tablets for order processing and manufacturing. Because of the tailor-made products, we built the platform from scratch, using the web and mobile development ecosystem of today. 

Orders are entered online via the order platform, where all products are validated and prices are calculated automatically. The orders are automatically processed by the ERP system. All relevant information for invoicing is sent to their CRM. Next, each product is divided into parts and grouped over multiple orders to get painted per color and sawn. Afterwards every part is traced back to assemble the original product. The delivery of all products is planned in the ERP software, based on the production process and calculated production dates.

…with impact. 

With our solution, Eosol saved 54% of time spent on order intake and the error rate dropped by 66%. Total manufacturing costs decreased by 8%, generating an ROI within 9 months. 

In 2014 we integrated Google Glass into the manufacturing process, which increased productivity even further, freeing both hands of the machine operators by displaying production instructions on Glass. This innovative project also attracted the attention of the industry:

  • ITM Roularta Industry Awards: Nominee best practice in process (2014) 
  • TMAB Telecom inspirience awards: Winner best wireless on-site project (2014) 
  • TMAB Telecom Inspirience Awards: Nominee best overall telecom project (2014)

We have been the digital innovation partner of Eosol since 2013. Today, the ERP system is still evolving, together with the ever changing business of Eosol. Recently, for example, changes were made for controlling the CNC machines, capacity planning of the spray booths, etc. 

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