From a challenge...

Our journey with Carrefour started in 2016, with the development of their new mobile application, an additional pillar in their omnichannel strategy. Carrefour already had different mobile applications connected to their stores, but all with different functionalities. You could say, not very handy. All these functionalities, bundled in just one application, that’s the real deal. The goal was a fully-integrated shopping experience. Making this mobile application a personal shopping assistant was the next step in this challenge. a solution...

The transformation of the app into a personal shopping assistant application happened within three years after the beginning of our partnership. Using this assistant in-store, you can consult different kinds of functionalities, for example, a shopping list and relevant promotions. However, this app has more advanced features as well. While doing groceries you’ll have the possibility to scan products (self-scan), to collect and redeem coupons, or to have orders delivered in the store near your home.  

To build this shopping assistant, we developed an innovative modular architecture. This innovative architecture allows us to reuse different components of the app, such as the store picker and the shopping list for the different websites of the customer, and for the in-store pillars or displays. This approach offers significant advantages in terms of maintainability and TCO.

...with impact.

The personal assistant makes the shopping experience for customers of Carrefour more enjoyable and efficient. If you’re in a rush to do groceries, the app will make it much easier. In that way, you’ll be on time for other responsibilities! 

Together with Carrefour, we keep on developing and improving this application by working in an agile way. Each sprint, the scope, and deliverables are defined. This allows us to regularly deliver new features in order to constantly improve the users’ mobile shopping experience.

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