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When an internship turns into a job

When an internship turns into a job

In February last year, my internship at Endare started. As an almost graduated digital product designer, I was looking for an internship that could expand my knowledge. A place where I could immediately apply this knowledge to real projects. I was super excited about working in teams and I was ready for my first real work experience. Endare seemed like the ideal place for this. I was really looking forward to working on innovative projects that provide solutions to customers' problems.

Oh, how nervous I was on my first day! Fortunately, after a few minutes in the office, I noticed how casual the mood was. After a tour of the Ghelamco Arena, a Berliner and getting to know some colleagues, my first project was briefed.

I worked together with the developer trainees for this project. This was the ideal opportunity to get to know my fellow interns better. A stand-up meeting was held every morning. That way, we could stay informed about everyone's progress. This was also a chance to get help with questions or difficulties. Of course, we could always rely on our buddy for support.

In my case, Francisco (product designer) was my buddy. Francisco was always there for me when I had questions or just needed a chat. He also made sure that I got to know the team and the different dynamics within Endare. His guidance was essential during the internship and I learned a lot thanks to his expertise.

During my internship, Endare constantly challenged me to try new things and grab opportunities. During my 14-week internship, I did the following:

I learned to work with the developers

I held internal workshops

I learned a lot about communication within teams

I worked out user interfaces that were innovative, tailored to customer needs and technically deliverable

I expanded my expertise in the field of UX

Everything comes to an end...

My internship flew by and I soon realised that the work I was doing every day is truly my passion. If you can pursue that passion with a great team that feels like friends, then I think you should consider yourself very lucky! So it was quickly clear to me that I wanted to stay at Endare even after my internship. Luckily I got that chance!

Despite Covid and the fact that the internship was 80% home-based, I still noticed the good atmosphere among the Endare colleagues.

The team building in June marked the end of my internship. Endare puts a lot of effort into the team and strives to create a healthy work environment. A place where everyone feels good and brings out the best in each other. You notice this very quickly from the moment you step into Endare's office.

... or not!

After a successful internship, I was very happy to stay and officially become part of the Endare family. As the second designer within Endare, I joined Francisco and we formed a design team. Even though Francisco has been here a lot longer than me, it doesn't feel like there is a hierarchy within our team. We can go to each other with anything and strengthen each other.

Even after my internship, Endare continued to challenge me to try new things and broaden my knowledge. Over the past few months, I did a lot of different things and worked on a wide variety of projects. I worked out UIs, determined UX strategies, held workshops for clients, became part of the marketing team, did quality assurance, held client demos, ... and so on. When I look back at the past months, I am grateful for how much freedom and responsibility I have been given.

As I was writing this post, I just realised that I have been working at Endare for almost a year. Time flies! I am very happy that I get to pursue my passion every day with a great team!

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