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Team building anno 2021

Team building anno 2021

Since our last team building activity, the pandemic has kept us all inside for a long time. However, times are once again changing for the better! With most of the team vaccinated and the lower infection rate in our country, we decided it was time to get all colleagues together for the first time since September and strengthen the core of our team. This year's edition of the team building didn't bring us too far, geographically speaking, but the possibility to leave our homes was enlightening.

During the pandemic we haven't been able to organise our usual activities. While we casually went out for food and drinks with the team before we even knew what covid was, we had to settle for zoom calls and online activities during the past year. Like the others in our industry, we shifted towards a work-from-home policy. It payed off, with covid cases in our team confined to just a few mild cases so we were happy to take our responsibilities to contain the virus. However, staying away from the office for so long started to weigh down on the team. After more than a year of lockdowns we felt the need to come together and re-meet our colleagues.

Teambuilding Endare 2021

Although a team building in 2021 takes a bit more preparation than a few years ago, it was definitely worth it.
First of all we did everything in our power to prevent covid contaminations; everybody got tested before joining the group. Luckily, no one had a positive test result! To be absolutely safe, all activities happened outside and we didn't have any physical contact with people from outside our Endare bubble.

The planned activities were a mix between teamwork and physical games. After all these months of confinement it felt refreshing! The Endare team was split into 4 groups that competed for the end prize. Every group had an imposter, a twist that made the seemingly easy games very interesting. In the end, one group won by luck and I'm not a bad loser. After an afternoon of fun and games, the best part started: food! We wouldn't be Endare if food wasn't the highlight of the evening! It felt as if Endare hadn't changed a bit. Some new faces, new environment, but the same team spirit.

Teambuilding Endare 2021

Many things have changed since our previous team building. We said goodbye to colleagues who had become friends after many years of working together and we have welcomed a few new faces to complement our team. After all these years in this industry, we have learned that you have to be able to adapt to the everchanging environment. Although many things are different, Endare still keeps the same core values and culture. We are eager to introduce our newest members and hope to have a new team activity as soon as possible!

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