We create scalable and user-centric web applications

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution that can be accessed on any device?
We design and develop custom web applications that guarantee a seamless user experience.

Progressive web applications

Dynamic web applications

We build dynamic web applications that go way beyond what a static website can do. Web applications built in Angular, React or Vue can dynamically adapt design, appearance and functionality to the user’s context and environment without loading a new page from the server. 

What you’re getting

Web application cross-platform cost-effective

Endare as your web app partner

Multi-industry experience

As full-service software developers, we have more than 10 years of experience in developing dynamic and progressive web applications. With our team of over 30 experts in Ghent, we work towards the most intuitive solutions with our partners.

Long-lasting partnerships

We’ve co-created more than 50 web applications with over 30 partners. Our team of experts can help you take your web app idea from concept to completion and beyond.

End-to-end innovation

At Endare, we’re passionate about the latest advancements in all parts of the development cycle. We never stop learning to ensure we keep developing cutting-edge applications.

Progressive web application

A web app that acts like a mobile app? Go progressive!

Can’t decide whether a mobile app or a web app is the right pick for you? We create progressive web apps that combine the performance of a mobile app with the versatility of a web application. The best of both worlds.

Our web app development process

1. Translating concept to roadmap

Using best practices and your input, we perform a first functional and technical analysis to help transform your concept into a tangible roadmap.

2. User experience and interface design

A thought-out app design is key. By analysing your target group and the way they prefer to interact with your solution, our designers will come up with an intuitive flow.

3. Development

This is where it gets real. A team of multi-disciplinary experts develops your mobile application in two-week sprints with intermediate releases. Our experienced Customer success managers make sure every detail is implemented with great care.

4. In-depth testing

To ensure the solution meets all your requirements and is tested in a real-life environment, you get to evaluate the final version extensively before release.

5. Quality and security check

A final check so your solution is compliant and safe to use for you and your end-users.

6. Release

All set and done. We support you through the release process, making sure your solution launches seamlessly.

7. Continuous support and maintenance

Your mobile app is alive and kicking. Whether it needs new features, improvements over time or intensive support, we make sure it happens.

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