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A fully digital car fueling experience

React Native

Fuel your car seamlessly at over 1700 stations

MAES' Mobile Application

MAES is one of the top energy providers in Belgium and has always been at the forefront of innovation. Apart from having a network of almost 300 stations for any type of fuel, they provide multiple energy solutions both for businesses and individuals.

In our collaboration with MAES we set out to explore the possibilities of connected hardware and how to optimise the experience of fueling your car from start to finish.

A frictionless flow from arrival to payment

We came up with a flow consisting of smaller parts with easy input methods. By making each screen focus on 1 main item we allowed the user to be more mindful of the required input. A welcome side effect of splitting up the entire form is that we made it less overwhelming. This made it more accessible to various types of users. In a few steps, the fueling flow consists of:

Finding and picking the right gas station

Connecting to the right billing information

Getting the right fuel type

Selecting the correct car and mileage

Connecting to Worldline to engage the gas pump

Transparency is key

The main challenge for MAES' mobile application was to make every step of the flow intuitive to the user. What the user has to see and do at any given step of the fueling process makes or breaks the user experience.

A secure way to fuel your car

To ensure that only the owner of the device can start a fueling session, we added a Native authentication step. This way the owner of the device needs to use facial recognition, fingerprint or the phone PIN to proceed.

A combined effort

By facilitating several workshops, we managed to bring together the knowledge of all stakeholders efficiently. In collaboration with MAES and Worldline, our Customer Success Manager, designers and developers made sure the end-result draws users in, resulting in a frictionless fueling experience and ultimately leading to higher brand loyalty. Read more about workshops.

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