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A custom ERP system that reduces error and manufacturing costs

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Eosol ERP

Meet Eosol

Eosol is a leading Belgian manufacturer of innovative insect screens for homes and industries. They design and produce insect screens that are not only functional, but also ensure that they don't derogate the view of your home or garden.

All products produced by Eosol are tailor-made for their customers which makes it very difficult to run their business on a standard ERP software and is a recipe for high error rates due to mistakes in order intake, -processing, and manufacturing. 

Eosol were looking for a custom ERP solution to automate and optimise the entire process flow, from order intake to delivery.

Completely tailor-made and fully integrated

To cater to Eosol's needs, we developed 3 seperate solutions that can easily communicate with one another.

Online order platform

Our team developed an online order platform and an ERP system, using tablets for order processing and manufacturing. Because of the tailor-made products, we built the platform from scratch, using the PHP and Angular frameworks.

Orders are entered online via the order platform, where all products are validated and prices are calculated automatically.

ERP System

The orders are automatically processed by the ERP system.

Each product is divided into parts and grouped over multiple orders to be built in the right dimensions and painted per color.

Afterwards every part is traced back to assemble the original product.

Finally the delivery of all products is planned in the ERP software, based on the production process and calculated production dates.

Customised CRM

All relevant information for invoicing is managed by Eosol's custom-built CRM tool.

It's also used to give customers a heads-up about upcoming deliveries and contact them in case of delays.

Immediate and lasting impact


Time saved on order intake


Drop in order error rate


Decrease in manufacturing costs

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