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A mobile one-stop-shop to manage your bank accounts

Angular app

Carrefour Finance

Meet Carrefour Finance Mobile

For over 30 years, Carrefour has been providing financial solutions for both purchases and personal projects of its customers. These services are offered under the banners "Fimaser" or "Carrefour Finance" but they have always stayed true to the core values of the Carrefour Group: to offer the best financial products and services at the best possible rates to as many customers as possible.

Manage your cards in real time

In order to improve their current user experience, Carrefour wanted to revamp the mobile branch of their offering. In short, the app enables the following:

Check the balance of your card anytime

See your purchases

Stay up to date of your Carrefour advantages

Download your account statements

Carrefour partners since 2016

Being trusted by Carrefour through our work on the mobile Carrefour shopping app since 2016, we quickly found common ground in the development approach.

The Carrefour Identity

The new Carrefour Finance mobile app is much more modern than the previous version and is built to last for years to come. To make sure the mobile app is a seamless extension of Carrefour's overall brand experience, we really focused on consistency in design, color schemes and visual elements. Our design team organised brand identity workshops in order to understand the Carrefour brand at its core.

Angular and Ionic at its core

Taking Carrefour's preferences and the technical requirements in account, we decided to build the app in Angular and packaged it in a Native app with Ionic.

To ensure that the mobile app could take advantage of all possible native functionalities of both iOS and Android, we used Ionic's Capacitator. This way the app can easily make use of a device's fingerprint scanner or camera for Face ID.

Stability, Speed, and User-Friendly Onboarding

While the new app may not introduce major functional changes, it offers significantly improved stability and speed compared to its predecessor. Moreover, users can now create accounts and passwords directly within the app, simplifying onboarding and removing a significant barrier for users who rely on smartphones as their primary device.

Security as a Top-Priority

Online security is an essential aspect of all finance-related mobile apps. A secure app is key to maintain customer trust and drive long-term growth.

In order to guarantee a secure way of logging in, we've implemented the principle of SSL-pinning. Through SSL-pinning, the back-end immediately verifies if you're logging in on a safe device. When the certificate is not authentic, all communication is dropped.

To further improve security, you'll be automatically logged out of the app after 3 minutes of inactivity. If active over 30 minutes, you will be asked to authenticate again.

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