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A progressive web app to facilitate inspections on site

Progressive Web app

Meet Aquaflanders' inspection platform

AquaFlanders is the federation of the Flemish water and sewerage companies. They stand for healty, qualitative and affordable water. Sustainable and integrally managed for everyone in Flanders.

Accessible to every type of user

Since AquaFlanders coordinates its activities with a large amount of different instances, the web platform needed to be easily accessible for a diverse range of users. Field inspectors, drinking water companies, sewerage authorities, municipalities, quality coordinators and others should be able to work with the platform with their own functionalities, roles and restrictions.

The power of a progressive web app

Although an internet connection is available almost everywhere, some inspections have to be performed offline due to the lack of both cellular or Wi-fi connection. Thus, facilitating an offline inspection was a crucial requirement for this particular platform. We built the application as a Progressive Web app or PWA, optimised for use on tablet, to meet this requirement with ease.

More efficient inspections and smooth data transfer

Due to the platform, AquaFlanders is able to facilitate inspections much faster and with a lower error rate.

Assessing the quality of the inspections is now done much more efficiently as well. Inspections with violations against environmental permits can easily be identified and a quality assurance report can be added in no time.

To cater to the needs of the different users and stakeholders, the entire back-end was built API-based. This way, data can be accessed by operators, municipalities or even other applications.

Discover the power of Progressive Web apps.

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