FAST is an ICON research project funded and supported by Vlaio and imec. FAST aims to create an engine to automatically generate customer journeys from existing unstructured content for a full range of administrative tasks.


Endare is the mobile partner of Carrefour and develops, among other things, a personal shopping assistant with a wide range of features. By working in an agile way, new updates are released regularly and we constantly keep improving the customer experience.


Endare built a management platform and mobile applications for MeetDistrict, an innovative business center in Ghent. The platform has features to manage your own team, order products, book meeting rooms, discover events, interact with colleagues and manage your own office (open the door, control the temperature and lower the blinds).


Mobile enabled ERP platform for Eosol, a leading manufacturer of innovative insect screens for homes and industry. We optimised the complete process from order intake, resource planning, production steps, assembly, stock, delivery and invoicing. Eosol saved 54% of time spent on order intake and the error rate dropped by 66%. Total manufacturing costs decreased by 8%, generating an ROI within 9 months.


And many others see us as their digital innovation partner