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Our partners are active in a wide variety of domains, meaning we’ve been able to build up knowledge across many sectors over many years.


We were chosen as the innovation partner for rebuilding ‘De Tijd/L’Echo’, a smartphone and tablet application of Mediafin. A change in technology choice and the development of new user-friendly features, such as a new component indicating articles the customer may have missed, are contributing to the increase of user satisfaction and performance of the app. New updates of the app are on its way!


We are the mobile partner of Carrefour and develop, among other things, a personal shopping assistant with a wide range of features. By working in an agile way, new updates are released regularly and we constantly keep improving the customer experience.

Carrefour Finance

For 30 years, Carrefour has been providing financial solutions for both purchases and personal projects of its customers. The company does this under the name Fimaser or Carrefour Finance. You can get credit cards from Carrefour Finance and take a loan. Through loyalty benefits you get advantages at the Carrefour supermarkets, such as discounts, double […]


Increasing brand loyalty by providing a personal and easy to use customer journey. In our collaboration with MAES we set out to explore the possibilities of connected hardware and how we can optimise the user experience of something as common like filling your car up. The goal was to innovate in the current industry and increase the customer's loyalty by getting in touch on a more personal level. And with the MAES app, we like to share to you our results!


Optimizing and automating Eosol’s working flow through a mobile enabled ERP platform has led to a more efficient functioning of the entire process flow, lower error rates, and a decrease in total manufacturing costs. Check out the numbers!


For AquaFlanders, the federation of the Flemish water and sewerage companies, we developed a Progressive Web Application. Because of this platform they can perform inspections on site, offline, with improved efficiency and lower errors.

We are the partner in many industries.

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