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Workation 2021

Workation 2021

A new quarter means a new teambuilding. Last year we had a great teambuilding in Durbuy. This time we pulled out all the stops to make it an unforgettable week. Yes, a week! This is not a typo. With Endare we went on a week's WORKATION in the province of Luxembourg. Here is a report with the most important highlights.


Normally a teambuilding at Endare takes about 2 days. This year we decided to rent a holiday villa for a week. Of course we still had to work during this week. That is why we combined business with pleasure. The entire team had the chance to come to the holiday home earlier and work on location. A working vacation, or workation, was born. In the evening, we cooked together, had a drink and did some activities.

Day 1 - Arrival & pizza time

On Monday 4 October it was finally time! Time to go on workation! 14 team members had the same idea and left for Luxembourg after work on Monday. Once we arrived and unpacked, we enjoyed the delicious pizzas of our chefs Sander and Francisco. I never thought that mango would go on a pizza, but this was certainly not bad! And this is coming from someone who is anti pineapple on pizza…

Day 2 - A day of bad wifi, burritos and ducks

If there is one lesson we have learned the hard way, it is this: Never trust when the villa claims to have "wifi available"! Apparently, our house was somewhere in an area where the internet is still in its infancy. Connection zero. However, our profession is quite dependent on the state of the online network. Fortunately, the next group of people to arrive brought salvation: our beloved router from the office. The working part of the workation was saved!

In the evening, we were once again able to enjoy the cooking skills of Sander and Francisco. This time, our cooks conjured up a delicious burrito buffet on the table. With great taste we scooped, folded and ate. Afterwards, it was time for the activity of the evening: Game Night! We sat down together and played games such as Among Us, Duck Game, Dixit, Take 5, …

Workation 2021 Working

Day 3 - Full house

Today we tested the actual capacity of our holiday cottage. Today the rest of Endare arrived, our team was finally complete! One more morning of work and then the real team building could begin!

Before we could start with the activities, Hans and Sander had planned a team meeting. During this meeting, they explained the new career opportunities at Endare. After the meeting, it was time for Jordy and Ziggy's scavenger hunt. Despite the rain, we searched with all our might for the Endare tokens that were hidden a few kilometres away. After this adventurous hunt, we enjoyed an extensive dinner. Matthias had organised a nice quiz, the perfect way to end the day.

Workation 2021 Badge

Day 4 - Paintball, karting and departure

Three days passed, everyone is still there. So far so good. The last official day of the workation can begin. After a morning of enjoying the house and the (indoor!) swimming pool, it was time for our last activity. Or rather, activities! In the afternoon, both paintball and karting were on the programme, accompanied by a lovely sunshine.

The end of these activities meant the end of the workation for most of the colleagues. Only a handful of team members stayed on Thursday evening because of the early departure time on Friday. However, they would not regret it. In exchange for the early departure time, they received a last fantastic meal, prepared by Hans.

After returning home, yours truly could look back on a great week with an exceptional team, fun activities and, above all, an excellent atmosphere. If this is a harbinger of things to come, then you can definitely count me in for the next workation!

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