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Endare Family Day 2022 – Welcome to the family!

Endare Family Day 2022 – Welcome to the family!

With more than 30 colleagues within Endare, it was time to gather the complete Endare family for a fun afternoon. And with the entire Endare family, we really mean the ENTIRE Endare family. We wanted to make this team building special. Therefore, we didn't only invite the colleagues, but also the partners and children were welcome for a wonderful afternoon full of water fun, great food and the most beautiful weather.

(Water) fun and games

The hot summer months are over, but it wasn't noticeable yet. Under a lovely bright sun, we could enjoy the pleasant water at O'Douce. Both young and old, or young at heart if you will, were able to indulge in donut rides on the water and try their hand at water skiing. Some were more successful than others, but everyone had a blast anyway.

Endare Family Day 22 Water games

Not everyone is a water rat, of course. The people who stayed ashore surely weren't bored. With Kubb and Spikeball, they could easily get rid of their excess energy. If that wasn't your thing for some reason, you could always be entertained by the water ski attempts. With a cool drink in hand and the sun shining on everyone's forehead, all you could see were smiling faces.

Enjoying a delicious meal with the family

Of course, we wouldn't be Endare if we didn't have some delicious food. To wrap up a great afternoon, there was a wide range of appetizers. This was followed by a delicious bbq. We ended our evening with a variety of desserts and a few more drinks. Afterwards, we went home, tired but satisfied. Especially the kids, who had a great time, surely slept well that night!

Endare Family Day 22 Food

It was a very pleasant day and it was nice to meet the families of our colleagues. All of them are nice people who we would like to see again! Maybe on the Endare Family Day 2023? It is certainly worth repeating!

Endare Family Day 22

Join the fun at Endare!

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