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Custom Software Development: the cost benefits

Custom Software Development: the cost benefits

Although the digital needs for your organisation could be clear, the question may remain regarding which type of solution is best suited to match them. Both on a strategic and an operational level, the decision between custom development and an off-the-shelf solution will influence the present and future shape of your digital footprint. So why would you prefer one over the other? In the next couple of minutes, we'll take a closer look at the cost benefits of custom software development.

Software solutions come in all shapes and forms. In the recent years, we noticed that many companies are struggling with the decision between a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution and a custom development to match their digital requirements. Large software providers have invested a lot in their advanced COTS stacks, a number of which have evolved into the Software as a Service model (SaaS).

This approach may look preferable from a cost efficiency point of view. One may indeed ask themselves: how can a solution which starts its process at the drawing board be cheaper compared to an out-of-the-box package? Let’s try to find an answer to that question.

Size matters

Startups and large corporations are likely to have few common denominators when it comes to their strategic digital needs. A one size fits all approach may result in a solution which is not entirely optimised to the scale of your organisation. By only building what you and your customers would actually use, the cost efficiency will obviously increase. Moreover, a custom software development process enables your concept to be built in a lean way, starting small and scaling towards the needs of your end users, with limited risks. Lastly, software that is entirely tailored to the processes of your company, as analysed during the development trajectory, will result in an increased operational efficiency.

The software adapts itself to the process, not the other way around.

The cost of integration

Chances are that your organisation identified a digital need as an extension of your existing software landscape. With some pieces of the puzzle already in place, you’ll want your new component to seamlessly integrate with them. These kinds of integrations turn out to be very costly when not taken into account during the architectural design. It is easier to keep this in mind when building custom software, as we pay attention to extensibility during the analysis of your needs. Using microservices and modular design, we are able to combine long-term value with the lean approach for contained risk management.

You are in control

Looking at your software solution as a product enables you to maintain the principles of product thinking. This includes a thorough analysis where the user experience can be at the center of attention. It means that the technology is chosen with the purpose of fulfilling your users’ needs, rather than enabling an off-the-self paradigm. And, it means that you, as the client, are at all times in control of the process and its costs.

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