Don't get lost in translation

Working with local talent enables improved communication. This benefit is a no-brainer.

By exclusively hiring local talent, we guarantee that our project team will be speaking the same language as the product or project owner at the customer side. The language barrier will be much less of a hurdle.

Understanding the local context

Working with local talent also gives us a better, more elaborate understanding of the local context. Our developers are familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities that are specific to the region, which allows us to create software that is tailored to the needs of our customers.

This can result in a more impactful and even more user-friendly end product.


The power of serendipity in innovation

While remote work can be convenient and even preferred for tasks that require deep focus, there's no denying that working physically in the same office has some considerable advantages. The so-called "water cooler" (or coffee corner) moments are crucial encounters between colleagues regarding innovation. Randomly bumping into one another sparks serendipity, leading to more innovative solutions.

It's why Steve Jobs designed the Pixar offices in a centralised way. He understood that separating engineers, developers and designers would undermine potential synergies.

Enhanced collaboration and long-term support

Because our developers are located in the same region, it is easier for them to meet with our customers in person or even to participate in online meetings. This allows for better collaboration and a more efficient development process. Physical meetings are known to encourage creative thinking, ultimately leading to a better end result.

Developers can more easily provide maintenance and updates to the software as needed. This means that our customers can get the support they need, when they need it, without the inconvenience of coordinating with developers who are located far away.

This also ensures a more efficient transfer of project knowledge from one colleague to another if needed.

Keeping team spirit high

We genuinely believe our local approach enables us to forge a strongly connected team and keep the team spirit high. Being able to attend team building events and social activities helps to strengthen the bonds and build morale. 

From improved communication and a deeper understanding of the local context, to opportunities for innovation and enhanced collaboration, working with a local team can lead to a more successful project.

Our customers definitely feel this difference over the course of theirs.

We’re convinced they would agree that it’s at least worth weighing the potential benefits of a local project offering against other, potentially cheaper alternatives.

Our team of local talent loves to listen to your digital plans and dreams. Feel free to get in touch to discuss them over a cup of coffee.

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