Our year started off quite remarkable. We fully integrated data-driven solutions into our services by welcoming an expert into our family. Although we did some projects with Artificial Intelligence (AI) before 2020, we did not have a dedicated AI team. This extension of our services strengthens our position in the custom software market and enables us to serve our customers even better.  

New site, new style.

In May we launched our new website. A better user experience and a nicer UI were our main goals to achieve. We hope you enjoy(ed) this transformation as much as we do. Our company’s identity shifted from being over the top orange to a nice balance between our identifying logo colour and our new grey-blue (or purple, according to some colleagues). We wrote loads of new content, started a blog, and arranged a photo shoot to make streamlined pictures of all colleagues. Trust me, capturing all of our team members on photo truly is a milestone for our company.  

More of Endare online.

Together with this new website and our blog, we started focussing way more on our online presence on different platforms. Social media and other marketing efforts are now more integrated into our business strategy. Admittedly we are kind of a late bloomer but we’re more than ready for the future now! 

You can expect a mix of content covering the expertise we built during the digital journeys of our customers, trends we see in tech, a peek behind the doors of Endare and so much more. If you’d like to have certain topics addressed, feel free to send us a message! We are happy to help you and share our knowledge.

Twenty-seven talents.

Our team is unstoppable! 2020 made us realise our team is even stronger than we thought. We survived the crisis up until now, both in health and in business and we sincerely hope you did too. Our team not only continued to deliver fabulous results, but it also kept on growing and went from 18 to 27 awesome colleagues (pets not included). Four of our new members are our trainees, who successfully completed their internship. We’re excited about how Endare will evolve in 2021, but we're sure we'll welcome a lot more great people. Be sure to get in touch if you want to be part of our family next year. 

Awesome projects, awesome clients

2020 was a special year, that’s for sure. Not only for us but for our clients as well. Continuing your company's digital journey in atypical times requires courage and daring. And, it’s because of their balls we were able to rock 2020. We have been working together with lots of our loyal partners and were delighted to work with different new clients as well (more on their projects in the future). Thanks to all of you for making this year better, and for being a true partner. 

Do you want to be part of our 2021? Contact us to have a look at how we can help you! 

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