Endare and Microsoft build a meeting room booking chatbot during hackfest in Lisbon

A couple of weeks ago, Endare was invited to the Microsoft Conversation as a Platform Hackfest in Lisbon. We had been invited to attend this hackathon and expand our hands-on experience with the chatbot technologies in which Microsoft has been investing a lot lately. Since Endare strongly believes in the future of conversation as a user interface, we gratefully accepted Microsoft’s invitation and traveled to Portugal’s finest to learn all about the possibilities and best practices. Here are some things that we learned from them during our stay in sunny Lisbon.

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Virtual Reality hype: Hype or not?

Virtual reality, abbreviated VR, is a hot topic. Not a day goes by without an article in the press about a new VR headset being launched, a startup company experimenting with the technology or new VR content being developed.

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Apple Pay: opportunities for your business

Apple Pay was announced back in September, along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Last week this contactless payment system went live with iOS 8.1 update. Apple reported an astounding number of registered credit cards in the first hours: users registered over one million credit cards in just 72 hours. Bear in mind that this is an additional one million credit cards, on top of those that are linked to the 800 million existing iTunes accounts. This may be a positive hint that Pay might succeed where so many others have failed (remember Google Wallet anyone)? Let us take a look at what Apple Pay exactly is and what it can mean for your business.

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Google Glass Foundry in London

We’ve done quite a bit of Glassware development so far, but that didn’t stop us from joining Google at their Campus in London for an extended Glass session. Main focus of the weekend: Designing for Google Glass.

After a short trip under The Channel we arrived at Google’s Campus London, part of Google Ventures. No time for breakfast, we immediately kicked of with some presentations on their vision on developing for Google Glass. Glassware should be “in the moment”, providing just the information the user needs when he needs it. A jogger doesn’t care about fancy graphic, he wants to know his pace and distance travelled. A mechanic should get his instructions at the right time, just like our eosol case. We got some very useful insights of their research on how users interact with smart glasses, a bit can be found on Google’s website

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Endare wins Telecom Inspirience Award

Telecom Inspirience Award

Together with Connexie magazine, TMAB Business Events organized the second edition of the Telecom Inspirience Awards on May 22nd. Endare was nominated for two awards, with the Eosol business process transformation project.

  • Best wireless on-site project 2014
  • Best Telecom Project 2014

After a wonderful evening in the Kolonienpaleis in Tervuren, with great food and drinks, things started to get serious with the award ceremony.  We faced fierce competition from MIVB, Siecom and Linqup. After some exciting moments, we were able to bring home the award for best wireless on-site project of 2014.

We will certainly be back for more awards next year!

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