Web applications

Browsers have hugely evolved and are able to support very complex applications nowadays. As a result, dedicated (mobile) applications are often replaced by (or combined with) complex web applications. The differences between a mobile and a web application are also fading both in terms of functionality and technology. New technologies are evolving very quickly which allows us to develop these complex web applications in technologies very similar to those used for mobile applications.

They can have very different purposes. Company websites often evolve into more complex web applications.  They offer for example a ‘customer zone’ to allow customers to perform certain actions. Next to that, many customer-facing web applications focus on one single purpose to offer certain information or functionality. But web applications are also often part of a bigger solution and used as a back office by an admin to configure and maintain this solution.

Web applications at Endare

Endare has ample experience in building complex, headless web applications that are appealing to your users and have a positive impact on your business. Everything starts with defining the scope of the application and choosing the right platforms and technologies. Building it in HTML5 and Angular or React is what we do best.