Technologies of Tomorrow

The mobile world is evolving at an ever increasing speed. The past years, we saw new trends rising such as wearables (smart watches, Google Glass,. …), virtual and augmented reality and iBeacons. During these past years, we invested heavily in them and created multiple interesting solutions with it.

Today we see new trends emerging such as chatbots and IoT. Once again, Endare is one of the first to get started with these new technologies.


For those who are not familiar with chatbots; A chatbot is a software application that simulates human conversations and is typically used in an existing app or social network (E.g.: Skype, Facebook Messenger, email, phone,…). Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and mimic human conversations.

Chatbots already exists for several decades. However they are now becoming more and more interesting due to the maturity of the technology, the availability of large social networks and apps, the decrease of mobile app usage and the customer expecting a personalised and immediate response.

Chatbots, as part of Conversation as a platform, will be the next paradigm in computing. All large technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are focusing on chatbots today. It will impact every market and it’s time to start experimenting with chatbots today.

Endare has been working with chatbots for over 6 months now. During these six months we created several proof of concepts as well as a few production ready chatbots for, among others, a large retailer, a travel agency, and MeetDistrict.

We are constantly improving our knowledge about chatbots. Therefore we were invited by Microsoft lately to attend their Conversation as a Platform hackfest in Lisbon.


IoT is hot today, and has been for several years. Nevertheless customers keep asking us how it can be relevant for them and provide them real added value.

Last 12 months, we’ve been working on a business center platform for MeetDistrict. An important aspect of this platform is office automation which is a perfect IoT example. Instead of distributing physical keys, installing thermostats and manually controlling blinds, MeetDistrict decided to install electronic locks, and connect the HVAC, blinds and digital signage to the internet. Users can access their offices, and meeting rooms during the time they booked the rooms, with a mobile application, regulate the temperature and control the blinds. Digital signage throughout the business center can guide users and indicate the occupation of meeting rooms and event rooms.

Automation was key in this project and that’s the real added value for MeetDistrict. Every aspect of the business center is in the hands of the end-user which saves the business center management a significant amount of time and resources.

We make tomorrow’s technologies a reality today

Are you interested in creating your own chatbot or are you looking for an IoT solution? We can assist you in selecting the right technologies, designing your solution, building a POC and creating a complete, production ready solution.

While these technologies are still new territory for the general public, our team is dedicated to researching and training with all of the latest technology. This way, you can rest assured that the solutions we develop and the strategies we advise, are future proof and maximize the potential of mobile.

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