Mobile Enterprise Consultancy


Mobile is a major milestone in the history of computing in the same order of magnitude as the mainframe, PC, or Internet. Far more than simply a tool for worker productivity or an emerging consumer channel, mobile capabilities are disrupting traditional business models, providing companies with new sources of data and insight and driving top- and bottom line results.

Thanks to powerful development platforms and decreasing cost of mobile hardware, the rise of mobile apps for all business functions is a trend that cannot be ignored. You need to get ready for the mobile business app revolution now.

The Endare Advantage

Mobile Strategy

Mobile solutions have the power of transforming your business in 3 ways:

1° Business process transformation: the potential of mobile technologies goes beyond phone calls and checking emails. B2E apps have the potential of delivering sweeping transformational change to your organization.

2° Business model transformation: changing your role in the value chain, redefining industries & creating new ones.

3° Business moment transformation: moving the business away from specific places, products and processes to capabilities that are available when and where customers need them.

Step by step action plan

We realize that a Mobile business transformation is not something that is accomplished overnight, because it may involve every aspect of your organisation.  We don’t just provide you with a strategic vision, but we deliver a step-by-step action plan with concrete deliverables and ROI for every milestone.