Mobile App Development


Using the latest technologies, user interface design and mobile app development methodologies we deliver mobile apps across all mobile devices and platforms, often with complex back-end integrations. Our app solutions include native app development and cross-platform solutions based on HTML5 or Qt.

Cross platform development

Cross-platform doesn’t just mean different OS or screen size. Cross-platform means true mobility, with consistent user experiences across all users’ interactions with your product. And because development takes less time, it is also more friendly on the budget.

Native development

Native mobile experiences are customized from the ground up. When we build for iOS, we optimize our apps for the iOS philosophy. When we build for Android, we make full use of Android’s functionality. Built with the DNA of the device they live on, native apps drive immersive mobile experiences.

The Endare Advantage

Collaborative mobile app development

We utilize an agile methodology to code quickly and efficiently in fixed-length sprints. At the end of each sprint we provide a working product, which is a quality checkpoint during which your expectations and ideas guide the next sprint. The result is a collaborative development process which maximizes communication and transparency, while adhering to a predetermined timeline and delivering quality, production-ready code at the end of every sprint.


In the mobile world, enterprise security is more important than ever. Endare’s development methodology incorporates security as an integral focus at every phase of your project, from high-level architecture to application design, testing, launch, and ongoing deployment.

Predictable ROI

Mobile platforms evolve rapidly and maintaining an application over multiple platforms is oftten painful costly. Not so with Endare. Our Appsurance service includes all the maintenance, bug-fixes and even new feature requests for a fixed, predictable monthly cost.