Internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine to Machine could be translated as ‘a network of smart things‘, where ‘things’ could be anything as long as they are ‘smart’ and ‘connected’.

“Smart” meaning they can measure and send data:

  • they have a component that makes it possible to collect all kinds of data: sensors, microprocessors in machines, wearables,…
  • data on location, temperature, words, weight, movement,…
  • sending you the data, mainly over the internet.

IoT is a natural evolution of smart technology, internet, cloud, telecom etc and it is already affecting our economy and our social environment. In a near future, not using IoT to improve your business models will be the same as not having a professional email address today. In other words, now is the right time to act.

Business impact

IoT is hot today, and has been for several years. But, how can it be relevant for you and provide you real added value?

Imagine the data you could receive in order to accelerate your new product development or to support your existing products. No need to do complicated and time-consuming research on customer preferences or product behaviour when you can receive it automatically in big quantities and in real time.

Some examples:

  • Monitoring:
    Predicting product issues with IoT will enable you to create outstanding customer experience. After all it allows you to give a pro-active service on your products. Furthermore it will also help you reduce costs by forecasting the pieces you will need in the near future to service your products.
  • Connected assets:
    What if the rooms in your building are only heated or cooled when we know it is needed? Can you imagine the cost reduction? Check out our example of MeetDistrict in the Ghelamco arena. Heath and light are managed room by room based on the actual or future use.

At Endare

During the last 3 years, we’ve been working on a business center platform for MeetDistrict. An important aspect of this platform is office automation which is a perfect IoT example. Instead of distributing physical keys, installing thermostats and manually controlling blinds, MeetDistrict decided to install electronic locks, and connect the HVAC, blinds and digital signage to the internet.

Users can access their offices, and meeting rooms during the time they booked the rooms, with a mobile application, regulate the temperature and control the blinds. Digital signage throughout the business center can guide users and indicate the occupation of meeting rooms and event rooms.

Automation was key in this project and that’s the real added value for MeetDistrict. Every aspect of the business center is in the hands of the end-user which saves the business center management a significant amount of time and resources.