A chatbot is a software application that simulates human conversations. They are typically used in existing apps or on social networks (E.g.: Skype, Facebook Messenger, email, phone,…). Chatbots look like regular chats we are familiar with in messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage,… However on the other end there is a ‘bot’ using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to react to your questions and remarks in almost the same way as a human partner would do. The major advantage is that this ‘bot’ is always available and awake and can react to the customer who is expecting a personalised and immediate response. A chatbot can understand the context of a conversation and perform complicated tasks.

Business impact

Chatbots will impact every market and it’s time to start experimenting with them today.

Currently chatbots are widely used as part of instant messaging platforms. They just appear as any other user in your list of contacts or in a group chat. You can launch your own chatbot to increase end customer engagement, promote your products and services, and give the customers a more convenient and easier way to order from you.

Chatbots can help you in many ways:

  • Customer support, conversational UX and UI: almost every online shop now has a chatbot proposing to help and guide you during your purchases;
  • Sales: the ideal tool to give feedback on orders, report issues, or ask for general information
  • Leisure: a chat to order tickets for festivals; find and book a trip, including hotel, restaurant, musea, …
  • Healthcare, Sports: a chat ‘coach’ to support and guide you during a recovery, a diet, a training program, …
  • Education: a coach for students during their studies. Unfortunately for them, we can not yet program chatbots to do their homework.
  • Internal communication: Companies explore ways on how they can use chatbots internally, for Customer Support or Human Resources.

At Endare

Endare already has a lot of experience in working with chatbots. We created several proof of concepts as well as production ready chatbots for, among others, a large retailer, a travel agency, and MeetDistrict.

We are constantly keeping up to date with its latest evolutions. As a result, Microsoft invited us to attend their Conversation as a Platform hackfest in Lisbon in 2017.