This mobile application allows the sales people of Velleman to search and order products fast and easily while visiting their customers.

Scan and order application

The mobile application we developed for Velleman is used by their sales people when visiting retailers. At a retailer they can easily scan products that are almost out of stock when walking through the store. When a product is already out-of-stock you can of course search for it in the app based on name or product code. For each product the real-time stock and price of this product will be shown. Next, they can add them to a basket which they can immediately order. This basket is constantly synced with the web cart. This allows the user to continue on web whenever he wants.

Velleman created the video below. This video clearly explains the possibilities of the mobile application we created.


This mobile application is available for Android and iOS. In order to keep TCO in mind, we decided to go for a cross-platform application. This allows us to easily develop and maintain the application for both Android and iOS while staying within the foreseen budget.

About Velleman

VellemanĀ nv is a Belgian wholesaler and electronics developer for more than 40 years with over 18.000 different products, sold worldwide. They have sales offices in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium and have their own research & development-department with over 30 years of technical knowledge.