Social Map

Social Map ("Sociale Kaart" in Dutch) is a project for the City of Antwerp in collaboration with Digipolis. The web application centralises all social services across Antwerp an visualises them on an easy-to-use map.

This interactive social map (and list) allows people to easily search for different social services in the city of Antwerp. With different types of search functions and filters we enable the user to easily find specific services or services within a certain category. All details per service are available in a neat and clear way. Users can also keep a list of favorite services and can easily add and remove services from this list.

The application is completely responsive which allows you to use it both on desktop and on mobile devices.

Behind the scenes

To accomplish all of this, we integrated with a set of backend services at City of Antwerp. One integration is of course to fetch all different services. On top, additional integrations are made to allow admins to add additional metadata and configure the frontend, to use a Single Sign-on (SSO), to use central logging, etc.

We centralised these integrations in a backend-for-frontend to  make abstraction of certain complexity and exposes all data in a uniform way to the frontend application.