Innovative bike sharing application integrated with connected locks

The customer

Bycykel is a non-profit organisation that aims to develop various tools (both for governments and private sector), under the name Smartbikes, to maximise the potential of bikesharing, through the use of innovative technologies. They won the tender for the new bikesharing platform “Trapido” for the city of Ghent.

The project

Endare developed the mobile app for the Smartbikes bike sharing system. The app allows a user to register for the bike sharing system. Next, he can search for a bike, see the availability on a map and reserve the bike of his choice. Through integration with a connected lock from Abus, the app allows the user to unlock the reserved bike with his smartphone. Finally, the app also enables the user to pay for his bike rental, through an integration with Strip, and get an overview of his historical usage and budget.