Unlocking the functionality of the SchoolOnline management platform on mobile.

The customer

Schoolonline is a leading educational platform in belgium, used by kindergardens, primary- and secondary schools.

The project

Schoolonline noticed a rise of mobile users accessing it’s website and they wanted to benefit from the shift to mobile by integrating unique features into the solution.

The solutoin

Endare didn’t just duplicate the online platform functionalities to the mobile version, but completely re-engineered the way users interact with the platform. The result was a long list of functionalities, which will be implemented in multiple phases. Phase 1 (teacher only) was completed at the end of 2013 and introduced the presence management for teachers. Phase 2 (teacher-student-parent) was launched in June 2014 and contains features such as notifications, school results, profile management and agenda’s. More recently, a redesign and minor update were released.