Mobile app for Scansource partner sales reps

The customer

ScanSource is  an American techology company with European headquarters in Brussels. They provide point of sale, barcode, physical security, video, voice, data, networking, and technology services. ScanSource serves more than 500 suppliers and sells to approximately 33,000 reseller customers in North America, Latin America and Europe.

The project

ScanSource was looking for a solution to allow their sales reps to get insight in the prices and stock levels that are changing constantly. On top, they wanted to remove the delay between the time a sales rep visits a customer and can actually send this customer a quote.

The solution

Endare developed a tablet app for ScanSource, which gives sales reps real-time access to stock levels and prices.  In the app, they look up products and request special quotes for their customers. In the management portal, ScanSource can create advertisements and promotions, which are shown in the app.