RAFC mobile application providing you the latest news, real-time updates during the game and a link to your cashless RAFC card.

The customer

Royal Antwerp Football Club (abbreviated RAFC), or in short Antwerp, is the oldest Belgian professional football club and is located in Deurne, Antwerp. Antwerp is the oldest still existing club in Belgium, making it a member of the Royal Belgian Football Association with number 1.

The project

Endare supports RAFC in developing their mobile strategie, developed the official RAFC mobile application and the RAFC single sign-on system (SSO) called ‘MyRAFC’.

The mobile application aims to be the RAFC fan’s mobile assistant, providing him with news, interviews before and after the games, real-time information during games, the possibility to manage the balance of his cashless card etc.

We also developed the single sign-on system called “MyRAFC” that’s integrated with the RAFC webshop, website, mobile application and business platform to allow the supporter to login with one account for all services.