Personalised mobile news application

The customer

Newsmonkey is the perfect news channel for generation Y: news and entertainment focused on social media. As a media company, Newsmonkey creates a new commercial model based on native advertising and own technology that allows them to go viral. This allows Newsmonkey to reach 1,5 million people on a monthly basis.

The project

We built a mobile application for Newsmonkey as a logical next step to their website and their activity on social media. The application allows you as a user to read all articles but will also offer you personalised news articles tailored to your own personal preferences and based on your context. The more articles you read, the more accurate the tailored articles will be. On top, you’ll receive personal daily updates when it suits you best!

The solution

The application is a cross-platform application with a focus on loading all articles in a fast and efficient way together with all related images, videos,… As soon as the first articles are loaded, the user can start reading without having to wait for the other articles to load. These articles will be loaded asynchronously in the background. The application is available for both iOS and Android.