Mediafin – De Tijd/L’Echo

Endare was chosen as the innovation partner for rebuilding "De Tijd/L'Echo", a smartphone and tablet application of Mediafin. A change in technology choice and the development of new user-friendly features, such as a new component indicating articles the customer may have missed, are contributing to the increase of user satisfaction and performance of the app. New updates of the app are on its way!


Mediafin, the publisher of both the quality newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo, is a joint venture between the Groupe Rossel and Roularta Media Group. Both newspapers handle economic and finance-related news and provide customers with stock market information. 

From a challenge …

Mediafin wanted to innovate their mobile application ‘De Tijd’, from scratch. Endare was chosen as the digital partner for their project because of our flexibility and accessibility. As De Tijd and L’Echo are quality newspapers, its premium character needed to be reflected in the design and performance of the app. By iteratively introducing new features and improving the overall quality of the application, we strove to enhance the experience for both the news consuming users and the customers looking for financial expertise. Anticipating on that, the online application for finance-related news had to undergo a few transformations. 

… to a solution …

The project started about one year ago, in close collaboration with the Product Owner of the application of Mediafin. Daily contact made sure adjustments happened smoothly and everyone was aware of what the preferences and possibilities were to upgrade the application. We started by copying the previous app, through a profound and careful reevaluation of the functionalities and layout, to make sure we had a solid basis to start with. The next step was to add new features and provide both the old, remaining features and the new ones with high-quality performance and great user experience. 

But the main and most important change of the previous application was the change in technology choice. Instead of using two native apps, React Native was used where one codebase can be used for both Android and iOS devices. Because of using React Native we were able to create native components, develop features at a rapid pace, and maintain the code more conveniently. 

… with impact.

Throughout the project, we saw a gradual increase in user satisfaction which was the overall goal of rebuilding the application. But there is still an exciting and challenging way to go, as we want to aim for an even higher satisfaction. We look forward to the further process of this project. 

The new features consist, for example, out of a new component indicating articles the customer may have missed, a more user-friendly menu, and a full rethinking of the tablet version as the application is available on tablet devices as well. 

In this rebuilt application, the image of De Tijd/L’Echo is reflected as it should be. In that way, we were able to contribute to the consistency of the brand and to give the readers the experience they deserve.