Mobile app that helps you to automatically take an ID picture and order a new ID card (in Antwerp).

The customer

Digipolis Antwerp is the IT partner of the city of Antwerp. They develop software and implement hardware, networks and telephony infrastructure. Digipolis Antwerp also accompanies social welfare care and the local police. They realize ICT projects and ensure a qualitative and stable support of operational applications and infrastructure.

As part of this project, Digipolis acted as a purchasing organisation for the city of Antwerp and for the Ministry of the Interior (National Register).

The project

Endare developed a mobile app and a server solution for Digipolis. The mobile app,, allows citizens to take a standardized photograph with their own smartphone and to request a new identity card. The app gives real-time feedback to the user, which allows him to take an ICAO compliant photograph in no time. Then the user can log in with his A-city profile to request a new identity card with this photo.

The server solution is hosted at the National Register. It verifies and compares the photograph with the previous photograph of the citizen, which is stored in the National Register. Based on recognition algorithms, we can guarantee that both pictures are of the same person. If this is the case, process for creation of a new ID card is initiated.