XRA-31 Web portal

With XRA-31, Excentis introduced a new way of capturing and analysing network packets between DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems and CMTS'es. This powerful platform is the result of a collaboration between the client's excellence in network technology and Endare's expertise in visualising the provided features and building the accompanying portal.

The resulting web portal is an Angular web application that accompanies the XRA-31 solution. It’s built on top of the XRA-31 APIs and allows users to configure, execute and evaluate network tests.

Since its first launch in 2017, the XRA-31 has been shipped to network providers around the world, allowing them to use a solid new method of testing and optimising their performance metrics and providing better services to their end users.

More info can be found at https://www.excentis.com/products/xra-31-docsis-protocol-analyzer

About Excentis

Excentis is a center of excellence for telecommunications. This spinoff of Ghent University is built on years of expertise and experience with network technologies. They offer testing and consulting services, specialised training and products for the telecom and ICT industry.