From a challenge… 

Fedrus was already a living project when we took it over. We further developed the application in order to improve it and aimed for a better understanding of all the data being synced by the platform. Inspections needed to happen more smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, we redeveloped the tablet application and the accompanying web platform. a solution… 

The application consumes the inspection-related data from VMBuildingSolutions’ own central management system and displays the information in an easy overview. The inspectors can consult all planned inspections at a certain time as well as all needed information to carry out the inspection such as the address, contact information, and other details. 

Once on-site, the inspector carries out the inspection by entering all the data via the tablet application (How big is the roof? What material does the roof consist of? etc…). Pictures, comments, and documents can be added to the inspection form. When the inspection is finished, the inspector can submit the form. Once submitted, the form ends up in the online web platform and can be further taken care of by other employees at VMBuildingSolutions. On top, an admin can also manage the structure of the inspection forms within the web platform.

Fedrus integrates with the SAP system of VMBuildingSolutions itself. To communicate with the system, data is periodically requested and synced from the SAP system. The used API is built within the Laravel framework and is a REST API. 

…with impact. 

Inspections of rooftops are now more structured and organised. All needed information can be consulted at the right time, resulting in efficiency and fewer errors or mistakes. Most important, carrying out inspections via Fedrus saves a lot of time, since reports can be created real-time and photos no longer have to be transferred manually, for example. At the end of the processing of the inspection form, a report will be composed and emailed to all parties involved with all the necessary details (with approval or remarks) of the roof inspection.  

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