From a challenge...

SkyTeam arranges exclusive priority services for members of the SkyTeam associated airlines. An easy way to collect feedback on these services would increase the service quality and consequently SkyTeam’s reputation. a solution...

We developed the SkyPriority app, a survey app in order to rate the services received (or should have received) by the members upon departure or arrival. The app automatically detects the location of SkyPriority members based on geofences. The services, offered in the detected airport, are listed in the app and can be rated. Users can add a picture and additional comments for each of them.

Due to their worldwide presence, we added support for 14 languages to the application including Chinese, Vietnamese, and Arabic, which all use different alphabets and/or are written from right to left.

...with impact.

The collected feedback, provided by different features in the app, gives SkyTeam an easy overview of all the positive and negative experiences with SkyPriority. As a result, services can be improved rapidly and customer satisfaction can be increased.   

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