From a challenge… 

Fullwood Packo was looking for an online solution to simplify, digitise, and automate the monitoring of their milking systems. a solution… 

In order to improve the monitoring of their milking machines, we developed both a web platform and a mobile application. The complete follow-up of the milk tanks is now carried out via the smart online system. For example, any user can consult the current temperature of the contents, the current volume of the tank, and which specific step of the process the tank is currently performing (cooling, cleaning,..)

When errors occur (for example, problems with the tank or the milk getting too hot) the owners of the milk systems are alerted through the web platform and simultaneously receive a notification via the mobile application. In that way, the owner is informed and can act upon errors immediately. All of this happens in the cloud to make all information available instantaneously. 

The solution is a cross-platform application developed using Ionic. This allows us to easily develop and maintain it for both Android and iOS while staying within the foreseen budget. The web application and corresponding APIs are built with the Laravel framework. 

…with impact. 

Every milk machine-related process can be monitored live. All historic data can be consulted and analysed afterwards. Because of the smart solution, there are lower error rates and a better service towards their customers is attained. 

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