From a challenge...

In order to make quick and correct actions, Brandweerzone Centrum needed to be provided with the possibility of real-time information during interventions. Intervention-related information didn’t have a centralized collection point which made it difficult to prepare and organize an intervention. a solution...

For Brandweerzone centrum, we developed a so-called ‘Mobile Data Terminal’, a tablet app for real-time communication during interventions. The application contains critical information in GIS-layers, such as fire safety plans, location of utilities, location of other vehicles, etc… With the app, firefighters can communicate in real-time with the dispatch and with the other vehicles by sending text messages, images or an annotated map of the situation. 

...with impact.

Brandweer MDT makes sure interventions happen more efficiently and with more care due to the possibility of real-time communication. All intervention-related information can be picked before arriving which makes sure the firefighters are well prepared, know what to expect, and can decide which actions should be taken care of first. 

The same application is also available via browser in order for the dispatch to oversee the intervention and interact with the people in the field.

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