From a challenge...

Increasing the users’ satisfaction while visiting the park was important for Bellewaerde's overall success. We were chosen for realising an improvement of the existing application that assists visitors of the park. a solution...

The Bellewaerde application assists you in the preparation of and during your visit to Bellewaerde. When you’re preparing your trip, the mobile assistant allows you to check the opening hours of the park, get an overview of all attractions, check the park plan and to create a list of favourite attractions you definitely want to visit. When entering the park a few new features become available. These features focus on providing you information about where you parked your car, the waiting time per attraction and the walking distance to each attraction or food stand based on your location in the park. 

The application is a native Android and iOS application available for iPhone and Android smartphones. All data is fetch via APIs at their central CMS.

...with impact.

Based on real-time information and your list of favourite attractions, you can optimally plan your day once you’re in the park. If you do end up in a queue, the application has a number of games to kill time. In this way, the user experience and visitors’ satisfaction increases. 

At the moment, we are focussing on implementing the users’ feedback. A clearer communication towards the users about the accessibility of certain functions and a transformation of the key features into a map function will be implemented soon. 

In the future we will also focus on offering the user a more personalised experience based on his/her preferences and behaviour. This can easily be accomplished by showing different content based on a decision tree. However, we will also look into more intelligent ways to do this based on Artificial Intelligence.

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