From a challenge...

AquaFlanders already had a digital platform to facilitate their inspections. But, since the platform had been in use for several years and needed a thorough update - partly due to new regulations - there was a need for a more modern, future-proof application. 

Different users needed access to the platform where different functionalities and rights were assigned to each type of user. The application had to be suitable for extracting data from an extensive database in a user-friendly and well-organised manner. a solution...

Our team developed a web platform which can be accessed by the different users (inspectors, drinking water companies, sewerage authorities, municipalities, quality coordinator, etc.). The capability to perform inspections offline was an important requirement. It is for this reason, in particular, we have built the platform as a Progressive Web Application. 

The platform is optimised for tablet use, allowing inspectors to carry out their inspections with ease on site. Once the inspection has been submitted, a lot of follow-up actions can be taken. For example, inspections can be withdrawn, replaced or exported. It is also possible to quickly identify which inspections violate the environmental permit or a quality assurance report can be written. 

Next to this, the entire backend is API-based to provide access to the data for operators, municipalities, housing pass, etc. 

...with impact.

Because of the comprehensive business logic used in the platform, AquaFlanders is able to perform inspections better and faster with fewer errors. The quality assurance of the performed assessments can be carried out more efficiently and the application allows for a smooth and easy exchange of data with partners. 

Next to this, there is a convenient search functionality to search the large database, news items and documents can be consulted and are adjustable per role and the inspector can perform offline inspections on site. 

Use of the FAST project

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