From a challenge...

The City of Antwerp wanted to lower the threshold for reporting problems that arise in the city. Consequently, solving them would happen more efficiently and quickly. Optimising their services towards its residents and, as a result, increasing the citizens’ satisfaction was the end goal. a solution...

In collaboration with Digipolis, we developed the web application ‘Amap’ that can be used both on desktop and mobile devices. Amap efficiently guides the user through the process of creating a report. In order to accomplish this, the number of steps is limited to the absolute minimum and all information that can be automatically derived will be pre-filled, which improves the user experience. A good example is the location of the report. The location is defined as GIS coordinates and is automatically derived from the submitted photo or the user’s location.  

...with impact.

Using Amap, users are more engaged to actually report issues they encounter throughout the city. The application allows citizens to report all kinds of issues they notice such as illegal dumping, graffiti, a broken swing at a playground, ... By involving the citizens and allowing them to directly report issues, the city has more 'eyes and ears' on the street than ever before and is able to organise itself more efficiently. The threshold is lowered and the City of Antwerp can easily act upon each report. 


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