Ghelamco Group is a leading European real-estate investor and developer, active in offices, residential, commercial and logistics.  They operate innovative business centers under the Meetdistrict brand.

The Project

For Ghelamco, Endare developed an innovative platform to manage the MeetDistrict business centers. The platform focuses on enabling the end-user to manage as much as possible form his team, his own office to his meetings, visitors, etc. without having to consult an business center employee.

We started by building a solid base, including a CRM and ERP system as the core of the complete solution. This management system facilitates the work of the business center management by automating customer management, meeting room bookings, event management and reception. The system also contains automatic exports for invoicing and reporting to easily generate invoices.

A mobile application for the end-user was built on top of this, allowing the user to manage his own team, order products, book meeting rooms, discover events and interact with colleagues and other members.

One of the key features of the solution is office automation; users can open the doors of their offices and booked meeting rooms via the mobile application and regulate the temperature and blinds. Digital signage is used throughout the business center to guide users and to indicate the occupation of meeting rooms. On top, it can be tailored per meeting or event.


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