Brandweerzone Centrum

Brandweer Zone Centrum is the first-aid and fire brigade of 18 cities in East Flanders. The service is manned by 500 professional firefighters and 500 volunteers.

The Project

Brandweer Zone Centrum was looking for a partner to develop a mobile application to automate building inspections for fire safety. Endare was selected for his experience in the field of business applications and the quality of his approach. We have developed a back-end system to manage users, modify the content of inspections (legalization, icons, etc.), manage fire safety reports, etc. The mobile application allows fire safety inspectors to save a considerable amount of time in the preparation, execution and monitoring of inspections. Because inspections often take place inside the buildings, the application also works in “offline” mode: the data is automatically synchronized when the inspector returns to the station and connects to the WiFi network.

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