Cloud platforms

They say we're living in the cloud, believe it.

A mobile or web application is nothing without a performant, well-designed backend. Backends are all about storing your data in one central location, adding business logic to it, and exposing the result via a set of endpoints. Together with a frontend application, which uses these APIs in a smart way, a scalable solution with an improved user experience will be attained.

What you should know.


APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are key to modern software solutions. We prefer to use REST APIs since this common standard is easy to use by people consuming your API. And even though we mostly deploy REST APIs, we do have experience with other implementations such as SOAP as well.


Storing data doesn't happen by itself, that's why databases are such a major factor in software services. Our experience lies within all kinds of relational and non-relational databases. The choice of a database type is influenced by several factors such as the exact use case and further data analysis. We are more than happy to explore which type of database will enable us to make a success of your project!


Collaboration is key, not only within your team. That's why backends often act as middleware in order to integrate different services. Backends can expose those services in a uniform way to your, or if needed even to other, frontend applications. Whether it's an integration with Salesforce, SAP, Navision, or other, we believe that working together with different parties towards a common goal enables us to reach the required power.


The development of a backend doesn't tell the whole story. Deploying it in a strategic way is crucial to ensure a stable backend with high performance. To optimize our deployments, we often use container services such as Docker and container-orchestration systems such as Kubernetes.

In terms of hosting, we are able to deploy your solutions on servers of your choice being it at a local hosting provider or a cloud service such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have cloud-related questions about your project!