But, before you start, a word about the Endare team

In the Endare design team you are expected to know your trade. Be prepared for a future that has yet to be written. The nature of our projects and clients provide a nice mix of different end users and technologies to work with. Even though you are a hex nerd and a visual expressive person, you don't have to be frightened by the high-tech nature of our end products. At Endare we work together as a team. One entity that supports and pushes each team member to his or her limits. So get ready to be part of a kick-ass team!

Our dream UX/UI designer

The main focus of the job as a UX/UI designer is working together in the design team as support for the development team. You deliver clearly crafted concepts for our customers. You will work very closely with a variety of profiles, from highly skilled front-end developers to demanding customer success managers. We expect you to be able to communicate your vision clearly and adapt it to the technical level of your audience.

Let's focus on the main reason you want to be a UX and UI designer: the visual product. Are you triggered by bad design? So are we! Well, let's do something about it then. You'll need the following skills to fit in our team:

  • Sufficient experience with a UI design tool such as Sketch or Adobe XD. The team uses an Adobe workflow so be prepared to get to know the Creative Cloud better than your significant other.
  • An eye for detail. A difference in font? Is the kerning off? Is the end product accessible, even for people with visual disabilities? As a UX/UI designer at Endare, we expect you to notice when something's off before anyone else does. Be ahead of the rest and act swiftly!
  • Have a fascination with people's behavior. Where do they look when using your product? How can you identify your target audience and set your goals straight? User Experience Design is more than a happy path. Surely you secretly love anthropology. We won't tell anyone.
  • Know the jargon: Personas, CTA, target audience,... Let's talk clearly with each other.
  • Even-though we document our work in English, we communicate a lot in Dutch. We therefore expect you to master both languages.
We also like to flex our pencil.

Your skills are surely reflected in your toolbelt. These are the main tools we expect you to master:

  • Adobe XD is our main UI design tool and is used for quick wireframes and high fidelity mockups.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator are tools we use for asset creation.
  • Adobe After Effects is our main go-to for animation design.
  • Post-its and nondigital media are used when we need a step back and to brainstorm and communicate ideas. Make sure you know how to make a clear mindmap or flowchart to visualise the most complex systems.

What we offer

Are you curious about what we can offer you in return? We can say here that you will get a competitive salary, and that is of course true, but working at Endare also has the following advantages:

  • Medical insurance
  • Mobility budget
  • Meal vouchers
  • Eco vouchers
  • The right equipment to do your job perfectly
  • Possibilities to work from home
  • Education budget
  • A fun atmosphere where you can develop yourself further

Still with us? Great! There is still one more thing... As mentioned before we expect you to adapt to all kinds of technical people (there are some really smart people in our team). That is why having technical knowledge is a huge advantage. We are still in a high-tech industry, so love and admiration for this technology is a must. Although we are a supportive team, we expect you to know the difference between a native and a hybrid app and know their limitations. Knowing the basics of code (mostly front-end) is a real benefit which might just be needed to live up to our customers' standards.

So, are you the person to join our team? Don't hesitate to contact us! We're more than happy to have a chat. You can drop your contact info down below and feel free to add your well-designed curriculum as well.