How we roll

If you want to be our next React Native developer, we want you to deliver high-quality applications. Applications you’re proud of, and you would want to use yourself on a daily basis. You see, Endare distinguishes itself by our customer-oriented approach. The customer's business is the most important factor when making decisions. We expect you to have our clients’ best interests at heart all the time. 

But, we don’t just want to see growth in regard to our clients. We want to see you grow too. During your work, you’ll be guided and motivated by your colleagues in order to become the best version of yourself. On the other hand, you must also be ready to help your colleagues and be open to give and get feedback. Teamwork is key to our success, as it will be for yours. 

Finding and applying best practices to code is an important aspect of my job, and that's why I like it

Kenneth (Front-end Team Lead)

As for our team, it may be important to know that we value our informal atmosphere. So don’t get frightened by the idea of making friends at work. We appreciate everyone's personality and will therefore see to it that you feel at home. A small, big detail: we love food, so you might want to join the gym in the near future.   

Are you the one? 

Next to the importance of your personality, we would like you to check some boxes regarding the needed hard skills: 

  • Profound experience with React and React Native (2 years or more). 
  • Experience with libraries/frameworks such as Redux, Redux-saga, React Navigation,… 
  • Experience with best practices and advanced knowledge of the React Library such as Context API, High-Order Components, Hooks,...
  • Experience with common software engineering practices such as OO-development, common design patterns, unit testing, secure coding practices (OWASP), writing clean and neat code and documentation… 
  • Experience with a GIT platform such as Github or Bitbucket is a must.
  • Knowledge of common technologies such as REST web services, OAuth, JSON, XML, SQL… 
  • Experience with agile software development. 
  • A bachelor's or master’s degree in (applied) computer science, or equivalent through experience. 
  • Familiar with native iOS and/or Android development is a big plus.

Apart from these skills, we would like you to have a critical mindset, a sense of responsibility and an eye for detail. At Endare, we always consider reusability and possible future problems so you have to think ahead. We like performant, error-proof code but we know code can never be perfect. That is why you are given the time and freedom to continuously improve your writings.

What your next job will look like: 

As a React Native Developer, you will be transforming business requirements into solutions with real value. You’ll be responsible for the complete life cycle of the application and the quality of the end product. You will bring our apps, for example, De Tijd or the mobile app of Carrefour, to the next level by:  

  • Developing new features and maintain or update existing ones
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience as input for future developments 
  • Always writing clean, structured and testable code
  • Take part in our code review process
  • Testing all iterations of the product
  • Always striving for the best solution possible that puts the clients and end-user first
  • Being eager to learn about new trends and technologies

What you’ll get in return: 

  • A supportive team
  • Chance to make a difference
  • Flexible work hours
  • An environment to learn and grow
  • Excellent mobility
  • Fun and games

Are you as excited as us after reading this job offer? Then please fill in the application form down below and we'll be in touch shortly! 

Be sure to read our careers page to get a much more detailed view of how we like to present ourselves as a workplace.