So an internship at Endare? Let's get the details out of the way first. Our internship is based around the development of cutting edge software for external partners. We provide an opportunity to discover the full stack process of developing a product in a multidisciplinary team. You'll be working closely with designers, CSM's and other stakeholders. Our main communication language is Dutch but depending on the partner we sometimes switch to other communication languages such as English or French. Being able to express yourself in Dutch and English is a minimum to be able to work in team at Endare. But we're sure you'd rather express yourself in other languages.

Personality is key

As mentioned before, we are a team based around a passion for technology. So to fit in we expect you to be at least excited when new tech possibilities emerge. One of our main focuses is mobile app development so if you've watched the last Google i/O or WWDC, you'll have something to talk about when meeting the team. But passion is nothing when lacking skills. In our internship you'll join a team in the journey of developing a product so knowing your way around code is a must. But don't worry if you aren't sure whether you want to live out your dream in front- or back-end code. We'll make sure you can have a taste of both during your internship! We believe in a strong focus on individual talents and skills. Being able to explore your preferences and future skills, is what an internship is all about. That's why you can expect a tailored internship where we challenge you to push your limits.

Your toolbelt will become a toolbox

Knowing your way around code is a fundamental. Knowing the basics of programming is a good starting point but understanding the syntax of the programming languages used in our projects is essential to start your internship. A few languages and frameworks we often use are:

  • Angular, javascript/typescript
  • React native, javascript/typescript
  • laravel, php
  • node.js, javascript

An internship is of course the perfect opportunity to experiment with different frameworks and languages. We don't expect you to already be an expert. But wanting to become an expert is the mindset we're looking for! We'd love to talk more about the exciting projects you've done and discover what adventures could come next. The list above are just a few common frameworks/languages we've used in the past. But as every project is different, we pick the frameworks/languages best suited for the end goal.

We had some great interns over the years!

Internship in a post-pandemic world

You must have been living under a rock in order to not notice how the world has changed during the Covid pandemic. During the pandemic we switched to remote work and working from home has become a new way of going about our business. Luckily, with most of the team fully vaccinated and social life returning to normal we have opened our office once again. We are currently working part-time from home and expect this to continue during your internship. In order to ease the communication we expect you to come to the office at least 2 times a week. You can find more about the location of our office on our headquarters page. And if you were wondering how a day in a developer's life before the pandemic felt, Sander has written a great piece about it.

So are you excited to embark on a journey together with our team? Make sure to leave us your contact info below and we'll get in touch!