As a back-end developer at Endare, you will play a major role in our current projects by keeping them alive and functioning. You’ll be responsible for handling the raw brain power of the application and be the manager of all the data.

You must not be afraid to: 

  • Develop new features.
  • Maintain and update existing features
  • Provide technical input for future features and designs.
  • Write structured and maintainable code.
  • Perform code reviews together with your colleagues.
  • Test all changes.
  • Find the best solution according to the customer's wishes in collaboration with your colleagues.

Being part of our dynamic team means you’ll be given the chance to further develop your technical skills, improve your judgment, and practice your communication skills. Experiences and feedback from your colleagues will be the backbone of your career path. Collaboration is a huge part of our workflow, so you must be a team player. 

Next to this, you’ll need to be ahead of the game and love to explore upcoming trends and best practices in the software industry. 

Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in. - Corneel (Back-End Developer)

To fit into our team, you’ll need the following skills: 

  • Experience with relational database technologies (MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, …)
  • Extensive knowledge of modern PHP development and using the Laravel framework
  • Experience with developing OWASP compliant API's
  • Knowledge of common technologies such as REST, JWT, OAuth, JSON, XML, …
  • Experience with agile software development
  • Basic understanding of the architecture behind web server and docker technologies
  • Security & performance are very important to you
  • Experience with Javascript/Typescript, Node and Express is a plus
  • Knowledge of queueing systems, cloud storage and other various cloud services are a plus

You’ll be working on innovative solutions but, that’s not the best part yet. Endare is not just a team, Endare is a family. This means you’ll not only have a warm welcome, but you’ll have an awesome time in your entire career with us. 

And of course, it's not just up to us to expect things from you, but you can expect something from us as well. Here you'll find our offer.

Are you excited to become part of our team? Fill out this application form or contact us at any other time! We're are happy to meet you! 

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