An internship does not only give you more real-life experience with what you’ve learned in your books, but it gives you an insight into who you are in a stage of life you haven’t been before. You’ll go through a personal growth where you can see and feel yourself change. 

“My communication skills improved a lot. In the past, I would never have taken on a leadership position. However, during my internship, this happened almost automatically because I felt confident during the talks with my colleagues.”


You'll get to know parts of yourself you didn't know before. You might discover your ability to handle more responsibility than you thought, or you'll get to confirm that you're a night person. If the latter is the case, the flexible work hours during an internship at Endare will suit you! If you start your internship, you’ll probably enter the place with an increased heartbeat. The nice thing is that all that stress leaves you once you kick things off because you notice you can ask or say anything - even in quarantine, as Corona joined us during our internship. 

Testimonial internship at Endare from Jay van Mook

Jay built a CMS web application that allows administrators to change the content of the WMS (Web Map Service) of Endare’s ‘Brandweer MDT’ application. At the moment, Endare has to adjust everything manually in the database. With the new application that Jay built, Endare, and in extension the fire brigades themselves, will be able to do that more efficiently. 

“My application consists of frontend, backend, design, and database. Because of this, I can say I really learned a lot.”


Testimonial internship at Endare from Navaron Bracke

Making a proof of concept for the integration of a mobile assistant in an application of a project we can’t tell you about - yet, Navaron's mission was to lead the customer to the app through a dialogue with the Google Assistant. An extension of this task was making the recommendation system of this application smarter and more personalized with the help of machine learning. 

“At the start, I had doubts about the assignment itself, because it didn’t fit my expertise, but it was truly a nice challenge to learn how to work with things you don’t already know.”

Testimonial internship at Endare from Robbe Dekien

Robbe needed to pick up an old internship project from a previous trainee at Endare. This means he had to rewrite and update a two-year-old app. The app also had to be provided with new functions. It's an app of Brewery Of Ideas (BOI), where you can see their events, buy tickets, make your own agenda, network with people, etc. 

“Your project is your own, something you can be proud of.”


We all had a ‘buddy’, an internship supervisor that was ready at all times to give advice or answer our questions. The technical trainees got one big task or project they had to work on. In that way, they could be part of all the components that make up a project and learn new skills.  

“When you work on a project, you learn how everything works in a company. Working on one large assignment also gives you more satisfaction than if you continually have to work yourself into a new assignment.”

Testimonial internship at Endare from Isabeau De Jaeger

Writing this blogpost, with thought for my fellow trainees, was one of my tasks I could do during my time at Endare. Yes, a software business full of boy-geeks, knows how to handle a communication science student as well. The biggest part of my internship at Endare consisted of renewing the website. This went from really designing my ideas to writing website content. I also had other diverse tasks like developing wireframes, or testing applications. Because of all the brain exercises I had to do to get good results, I really see that I’ve grown. 

The most valuable experience of an internship at Endare? Here’s our answer: 

“The weekly tech talks. During these presentations, you learn about the different projects of Endare. This means you are dragged into all the things that happen within the company and you’re not only busy with your own project. Oh, and the free fruit.”


“The atmosphere and the welcoming of trainees, you immediately feel at home.” 


“The office life where personal jokes are allowed in a relaxed yet formal setting. At Endare you really get the opportunity to take advantage of a work experience, which isn’t something you can replace that easily…” 


“Being the only woman in a team full of men. I'm not a girly lady anyway, so I knew beforehand that it would suit me. But it was actually really nice, all the co-workers are super friendly and social, so arriving there every morning with a smile happened automatically (even though I have an angry face).” 


We describe the team of Endare as ‘family driven foodies’. Well yes, food is something precious at Endare, take it or leave it! 

If this blogpost triggered you to know more about an internship at Endare, be sure to get in touch!

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